“We never really learned to communicate our feelings, we have learned to react to them” Jimmie Stephens
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Military deployment can place a tremendous strain on your marriage. However, you can learn to handle it and make the relationship stronger. Follow these easy steps to make your marriage work during deployment:
1. Stay aware of the issues. Marriages that go through military deployments are at a higher risk for divorce and infidelity. The separation from your loved one and long distances can place stress on a marriage. Military deployments add an extra level of stress because of concern about a tragedy happening to your spouse. Instead of ignoring the issues, it’s important to stay aware of the common risks that can destroy a marriage. By paying attention to the signs in your own relationship, you can work on issues before they become bigger. 
About The Author
Jimmie Stephens
Today, Jimmie is a sought out author, speaker, and coach, certified (John Maxwell Trainer) through Atlanta, Georgia-based business The Good Life Jimmie where he founded The School of Marriage and Relationship and continues to serve as a senior pastor at The Light International Church. Organizations and churches, seek out Jimmie practical knowledge for developing healthy communication and conflict resolution strategie.
"Relationships is about adjustments, we must be willing to make adjustments for our partners, this is a committment both people must make for the relationship to work."
Jimmie Stephens

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